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Cub Scout in Luray Virginia

Keith visiting Freedom Books in London

Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry


Artist and author Keith McHenry is a dynamic, inspiring and experienced public speaker with a wealth of knowledge about the global movement Food Not Bombs. He helped start Food Not Bombs when he was a 22 year old college student with seven of friends in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1980. As a child he lived at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Big Bend and other National Parks and then moved to New England to study painting at Boston University. Keith was inspired to share vegan meals with the hungry while trimming produce at Bread and Circus Natural Foods Grocery, discarding cases of organic produce every morning. After feeding the hungry and working for social justice, animal rights and peace in Boston he moved to San Francisco and started a second chapter. He has recovered, cooked and shared food with the hungry with Food Not Bombs for over 30 years. He was arrested "for making a political statement" in San Francisco, spent over 500 nights in jail and faced 25 years to life in prison. Amnesty International declared all Food Not Bombs volunteers prisoners of Conscience working for Keith's unconditional release. He just spent 19 days in jail for sharing vegan meals with the hungry in Orlando, Florida. He co-wrote "Food Not Bombs How to feed the hungry and build community" as well as wrote and illustrated "Hungry for Peace - How you can help end poverty and war with Food Not Bombs" and "The Anarchist Cookbook."

He has traveled all over the world speaking at colleges, books stores and community centers while sharing free vegan meals with many of the over 1,000 Food Not Bombs groups active 65 countries.

Keith volunteers with Santa Cruz, Food Not Bombs. He enjoys sharing meals with the hungry, maintaining one of the movement's websites and helping coordinate logistics for Food Not Bombs. Keith also draws, paints, and writes about social justice issues.

Keith sharing vegan meals in Nigeria

The new 186 page book about Food Not Bombs by Keith McHenry he will be introducing on the Smash Hunger and Squash Poverty Tour.
"HUNGRY FOR PEACE How you can help end poverty and war with Food Not Bombs"

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It Must Be Love a song by Berkeley activist and musician Carol Denney

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Please consider inviting Mr. McHenry to speak to your community. Speaking fees are reasonable and donated to Food Not Bombs. Your community will find Keith's message hopeful, motivating and full of useful information sure to be an inspiration to everyone. Schools have provided honorariums from $900 to a few thousand dollars which Keith donates to Food Not Bombs. To schedule your presentation call Keith at 575-770-3377 or email Keith at to make arrangements. You can call us toll free at 1-800-884-1136. We will give a free presentation for any Food Not Bombs group. Please contact us for more details.

Visit our schedule and consider booking a presentation when we are already in your area.

Keith marches at WTO action, Cancun Mexico

Keith drawing Lost Mine Peak in Big Bend, Texas

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