Over 120 people attend the Human Rights Day Event

Keith at Highlands University


Our presentation is a great way to start a Food Not Bombs group and inspire your community to work for peace and social justice.

When Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry gives a presentation its not long before a new chapter starts feeding the hungry or an existing group recruits more volunteers and is inspired to do even more wonderful projects. His presentation about the history and achievements of the Food Not Bombs movement is sure to inspire the people in your community to start or join a local chapter. His optimistic presentation shows that we can all play an important part in creating peace and social justice. After taking part in the Food Not Bombs presentation and participating with your local chapter you will experience the joy and pride that other Food Not Bombs volunteers feel. Many people write and call us saying that volunteering with Food Not Bombs has changed their lives. Imagine collecting, cooking and sharing food to the hungry while providing information about self-reliance, the environment, peace and social justice. Knowing that you can make such a big difference certainly is rewarding and will help build self-confidence in yourself and your community. Please organize a Food Not Bombs presentation for your community and take part in this exciting effort to build a peaceful and dignified world.

Keith feeds the hungry in Africa

Keith and Jill serving meals in Taos

Learn more about Keith and Listen to Presentations on line Photos of recent presentations and Keith's work feeding the hungry

More about the Food Not Bombs Presentation

Make a deposit and reserve a date for a presentation today. Keith will give a presentation for free for local Food Not Bombs groups if they can arrange a presentation at colleges and universities. This is one great way to bring additional energy to the Food Not Bombs group in your community.

Please call 1-800-884-1136 or email us at menu@foodnotbombs.net
talk about the fees, travel arraignments and to schedule a date for a presentation in your community. Make sure you can reserve the presentation now by making a deposit on paypal.

How Would You Like Make Your Deposit?

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