Discover the many aspects of the Food Not Bombs movement.

We are taking nonviolent direct action to create a world free from domination, coercion and violence. We organize based on the principle that food is a right, not a privilege. Food Not Bombs is conserned about many issues of rights, the enviornment, social justice and health. These links can help you learn more about how we are working for health, peace and justice.

Current Actions and Campaigns Animal Rights
Human Rights Hunger and poverty
Stay out of the military Anarchy
Saving the Enviornment Peace Groups
Tools for peace Consensus and democracy
Spying and Disruption Food Not Bombs co-founders
Statement of Nonviolence. Art and culture
Protest Methods Books on Food Not Bombs
"Somthing not something "groups Vegan and Vegetarian food
Music and theater Alternative media

Food Not Bombs
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