These updates made on January 5, 2009

Please join Food Not Bombs to provide for those displaced by the global economic crisis.

You can help. Food Not Bombs is responding to the global economic crisis with free vegetarian meals, community gardens and nonviolent direct action. Over 800 million additional people are missing meals since food prices jumped 70 percent in April. Over 20 percent of public school students in America are homeless. Almost 250,000 American families face foreclosure each month. The Food Not Bombs movement is flourishing as the public witnesses the failure of corporate domination.

Please talk with your local Food Not Bombs volunteers. Food Not Bombs chapters are collecting additional bulk food, starting local Food Not Lawns Gardens, housing people with Homes Not Jails and organizing Really Really Free Markets providing free items, food, healthcare and other services to our communities for free. We are taking action in over 1,000 cities.

As the crisis grows our office is getting an increase in calls and emails asking Food Not Bombs for support. Food riots are growing in a number of countries and many community leaders are contacting Food Not Bombs requesting help in organizing kitchens, gardens and food distribution programs. When the American Red Cross and FEMA failed to respond to Katrina Americans called our office seeking help. Again Americans are looking to Food Not Bombs to provide logistical guidence as society slides into chaos.

Please start a Food Not Bombs group in your community. We will provide you support. The use of the process of Formal Consensus, our dedicated to nonviolence and our focus on recovering food to make into vegan meals that are shared for free has been an effective response. Your chapter can also get a delivery of $500 worth of bulk rice, beans and other dry goods at cost by calling the Taos Food Not Bombs collective at 575-776-3880.

Rice to the occasion

THE price of rice has risen, but that is precisely the reason artist Zai Kuning bought 500kg of it for his newest artwork titled A Bowl Of Rice. Arranged in giant geometric shapes on the floor of Sculpture Square, an arts space in Middle Road, the rice will be given away to charities after the exhibition. All rice donations will go to various beneficiaries such as the Catholic Welfare Service, Singapore (CWS) Darul Ihsan Orphanage, Singapore Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation and Marine Parade Family Service Centre and Food Not Bombs.
Rice to the occasion - Singapore Food Not Bombs

Start a FOOD NOT LAWNS community garden!

Food Not Bombs volunteers attending the National Gathering talked about a number of solutions including starting a program of community gardening with "Food Not Lawns" and working with local city councils to pass laws to make it illegal to destroy food in dumpsters or lock up discarded food. We have also proposed organizing meals every day in each community. Another idea is to have a Food Not Bombs collective house responsible for each day of the week in each town and city. Most groups see an increase in need and are finding discarded food sources growing tight. Another project proposed is to reach out to local farmers to help grow more food, glean their fields, help them harvest and deliver the food they could not sell. Please contact 575-776-3880 to find out how you can help your community in this time of crisis. We are facing the most dire crisis in possible and need your help. Please consider making a contribution.

Donate A Dollar For Peace.If you can donate even more than a dollar please help. We have a great deal on our plate. THANKS!

MORE CAMPAIGNS Call 1-800-884-1136 of email us at
Everything you need to start a local Food Not Bombs group in your community. A full color banner, on copy of the 126 page Food Not Bombs handbook, a DVD, flyers you can reprint and buttons. Everything you need to start a group.
This 126 page book shows you how to cook for 100 people, has detailed information about starting a Food Not Bombs group.
Flyers, graphics, logos, and photos you can use to help you start your Food Not Bombs group. Please use any of these images on posters, flyers or on your new website.
You can start a Food Not Bombs group in you community buy making copies of this flyer, add your phone number and post it all over town in cafes, bookstores, schools, and store windows.
It can be helpful to raise money and awareness to have Food Not Bombs buttons, stickers and other materials on your table at events and concerts. Our office provides these materials at half price to Food Not Bombs chapters. You will attract more volunteers and support in your community when people see the Food Not Bombs image all over town.
CONTACT A FOOD NOT BOMBS GROUP NEAR YOUBefore you start a group see if one is already active in your community. If you do find a group in your town try work with them. Sometimes the contact information is old and the group has stopped so if you find this has happened then let us know and start a new chapter. You can also invite a Food Not Bombs group near your community to help you get started. When you get your group going please email us the correct contact information and the times, days and locatons of where you share food.
One great way to help start a Food Not Bombs group is to invite the co-founder Keith McHenry to speak to your community. Student activity centers at colleges and universities will provide funding for a presentation by Keith, helping with airfare and an honorarium. You can learn more about Keith and listen to his presentations here
YOUR LITERATURE AND FOOD TABLEYour Food Not Bombs group can have real impact when you include literature and a banner at every meal. If you set up your table at a location that is busy with a diversity of people at a time when lots of pedestrians walk by you will be able to attract more volunteers and discover new food sourses. You can also meet people who would have never known about the issues we are working on. Many Food Not Bombs tables are considered the place to visit for infromation, community as well as great food. This page shows you how you can have a more effective Food Not Bombs table.

Food Not Bombs
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